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Previous Entry For Chosen Community. Jan. 21st, 2005 @ 01:32 am Next Entry
I watch as Janus flies off to face whatever the hell those things are. While he keeps them busy, I can make a run for that damn building! I hope it's where I wanna go cuz if not, I may end up real hurt.

"Be careful." I mumble as I take one last look his way but can hardly see him. All the flashing and weird noises was just wigging me out. It was like a fireworks show but without the, fancy show?

"Lame on Faith." I turned and ran towards the side of the building. But no ladder was in sight. What the hell?

"Where the hell is it?" I ran to another side and look down over the edge. I found the ladder, but it's exactly "perfect." It's missing about more than half of itself and it looks a bit unstable. I gotta risk it.

"Great." I say as I jump up onto the edge and grab onto the ladder and start to move down the steps. I almost slipped a few times, missing the damn steps or not holding on really. But I made it to the end of the ladder.

I sighed and let go, falling to the ground I hit nice and hard. It stung a little in the knee's but I was fine. I just shook it off and kept moving towards the building. I dodged through the alley ways, making sure I wasn't in sight of anyone or anything. Who the hell know's what's out here right now.

As I turn a corner, I see a trashed building with a sign that reads "art" laying on the ground.

"This must be my place." Evil law firm destroyed for some reason? Must be something evil. The best thing about Wes's note, was the fact that at the very bottom of it, it said Wolfram and Hart on it. If Wesley is anywhere, it'd be here. Wouldn't it? Nobody really mentioned him so I'd think he would be here. Or maybe he died? Man, I hope that didn't happen. He was a great guy even though I didn't like him that much before.

"Let's go check it out." I took a few steps and headed for the front entrance of W&R.

Hopefully Wes is here.
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