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Feeling just a bit naughty! {{Posted in _we_happy_few_}} - Faith

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Previous Entry Feeling just a bit naughty! {{Posted in _we_happy_few_}} Feb. 23rd, 2005 @ 12:18 am Next Entry
"There's nothing wrong with jean. Leather was your thing. And lastly my whole wardrobe is leather now.", I stated raising my arms."I mean I do look damn good in it. Maybe even better than you did at my age."

I stopped abruptly and gave her this wicked evil look showing her that I wasn't happy with what she was saying.

"You think you look better than me?" I let go of her hand and take a few steps back. then aside.

"And I look damn hot in jeans! Nice and comfortable; plus- they let your skin breathe." I can't believe Slayer-junior-girl was giving me fashion advice. Wait- was she even giving me fashion advice? What-

"Whatever. Doesn't matter." I smile a bit and look around. No one was around, which was good.

"Just remember, I'm the one who had her- her heart broken." I stumble with my words a bit but it felt good to finally say it to someone who actually somewhat cared.

"But who cares right? Over and one with it. Move on." I step towards her and stop right in front of her. She thinks she's all alpha but she'll sooner or later be taught a lesson!

{{Open to Kennedy and Warning: NC-17 below possibly!}}
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