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City folk comin' back to the city! {{Posted in c_h_o_s_e_n}} - Faith

About City folk comin' back to the city! {{Posted in c_h_o_s_e_n}}

Previous Entry City folk comin' back to the city! {{Posted in c_h_o_s_e_n}} Feb. 24th, 2005 @ 12:15 am Next Entry
I nodded to Giles and gave a quick glance to the vampire. If I came back and anyone was hurt, I'll have her flying in the wind. Promise that. I stepped out of the door and ran down the flight of stairs. I stopped and glanced around to see if anyone else was around but a no go. So I stepped outside and decided to head to the bus.

"It better be on there." I mumbled as I ran towards the fighting sight and found the bus perfectly in place like it was left.

"Sweet." I mumbled as I jogged up to the bus and stepped on, looking for the Scythe. A glimpse of light shimmered and I saw it. "There you are!" I quickly snatched it up and turned, grabbing the medical kit as I stepped off the bus.

"Just- need- to." I opened the medi-pack and used some medical tape to keep the scythe harnessed on my back. "Don't want this baby being stolen." I finished up quickly and started my way towards the hospital. But before I left the alley, I turned and couldn't believe my eyes. Everything was gone. No demons. No blood- not even multi-colored blood.

"What the hell i- Whatever." I turned away and started down the road towards the hospital.

"I hope you're there B' or we may have some trouble on our hands!" I stopped and took a few deep breaths. Running for twelve blocks just isn't my thing! I glanced around to make sure I had the all clear and I quickly started up again towards the hospital. She better be there or I'm going to be pissed.

"Giles, I'll kill you if you sent me on a damn-" I smashed right into something but I quickly regained my footing and went into a ready position.

"Watch where you're going!"

Holy shit, the damn city folk are comin' back into town. "Sorry." I mumbled as I walked passed him and flipped him off. Asshole. He should watch where he's going. I'm the one that just helped it save his and everyone else's asses. I should get a medal.

"Stupid fuc- Seems a Slayers job is never done!" I watched as a demon, in broad daylight, attempted to attack a citizen but- failed miserably. Wow. Never thought I'd see such a sad demon ever.

"HEY!" I watched as it cocked it's head and turned around looking at me. "Oh that's right big boy! Come to Mama!" I heard it make this horrible sound and charge at me.

"Keep on comin!" I yelled as I grabbed the scythe and brought it front and centre. "Hope you like nice shiny metal because you'll be seeing it real soon."
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