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Previous Entry Is a comment part of a thread in not_fadeaway Jun. 5th, 2005 @ 01:44 am
"This is a fifteen hundred dollar suit, Faith, you could take it easy, I'm not going to battle you on this one, I'm kinda interested in meeting Angelus and just so you know, we have to get back on the elevator and go all of the way to the top. That's when we'll be in the penthouse, of course, I'm betting that the door is locked if they are in their bumping naties..."

I felt him break free from my break and I snapped around, almost waiting for him to make a ran for it. But he didn't. He held the elevator door open? I raises an eyebrow as I looked down at Riley and looked a bit puzzled. Riley and I went back onto the elevator but I watched him pretty carefully. He better not be lying.

"You might want to watch him extra close, baby, because somehow, I feel like this is some kind of trap, and unfortunately, I can't rip his head off myself right now."

I nodded as the doors opened and stepped forward, following closely behind Linsdey just in case something was going to happen. We opened the door and what I saw was pretty kinky. B' was gettin' dressed while Angel was cuffed to the bed. How-appealing.

"Come on Buffy, you gave the sappy side a piece of that ass, why not treat the real deal to a little of it. You know when I get out of these cuffs, I'm going to take it from you anyway, and give it to you the way that you deserve it...Why Faith, come on, look at me, in my boxers, I'll bet that you wouldn't mind giving me a ride."

"You wish." I said as I shot a glance towards B' and just shook my head. Yepp, we're all screwed.

"God, I COULD really USE a Cigarette! I bet that Lindsey has one on him. Nice to finally meet you, by the way. I know that your boys have always wanted to see me, well, here I am, again. Got any keys for these cuffs?"

I shot a glance towards Linsdey and took a step towards him. What happens if he does and decides to let loose big bad Angel? Or what if this is all a joke?

I looked to B' who was almost crying. She looked pretty shaken and really upset. So it's not a joke...

"Sorry Finn, even though, by all rights, you should be dead after that fall, it's good that you are alive, shows a level of resiliency. Which you're going to need, because WOW, did I just give it to your ex! That cigarette would sure be nice about now! Come on in, folks, let's make this a party, especially you, Faith."

I clenched my fists and just stared at him. Apart of me wanted to lunge and stake him right here and now, but I know that Angel isn't like this. He's not a monster nor is he a person who loves to torcher his friends. This is just a freak who shouldn't be around.

Just as I was going to speak up, B' tried to run past us but I side stepped and stood in front of her, glaring. How could she do this? Why would she do this?

"Faith, I-"

"What, got off? Ya, I can see that." I breathed in and then out, unclenching my fists and put up my hands, in a friendly motion.

"I don't know why, hell I don't even want to know, just-" I was at a loss for words. I was angry but I understood. They loved eachother and not being able to get your freak on would've drove me to insanity, so I get it. Just- why?

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