A lethal combination.

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"This is a fifteen hundred dollar suit, Faith, you could take it easy, I'm not going to battle you on this one, I'm kinda interested in meeting Angelus and just so you know, we have to get back on the elevator and go all of the way to the top. That's when we'll be in the penthouse, of course, I'm betting that the door is locked if they are in their bumping naties..."

I felt him break free from my break and I snapped around, almost waiting for him to make a ran for it. But he didn't. He held the elevator door open? I raises an eyebrow as I looked down at Riley and looked a bit puzzled. Riley and I went back onto the elevator but I watched him pretty carefully. He better not be lying.

"You might want to watch him extra close, baby, because somehow, I feel like this is some kind of trap, and unfortunately, I can't rip his head off myself right now."

I nodded as the doors opened and stepped forward, following closely behind Linsdey just in case something was going to happen. We opened the door and what I saw was pretty kinky. B' was gettin' dressed while Angel was cuffed to the bed. How-appealing.

"Come on Buffy, you gave the sappy side a piece of that ass, why not treat the real deal to a little of it. You know when I get out of these cuffs, I'm going to take it from you anyway, and give it to you the way that you deserve it...Why Faith, come on, look at me, in my boxers, I'll bet that you wouldn't mind giving me a ride."

"You wish." I said as I shot a glance towards B' and just shook my head. Yepp, we're all screwed.

"God, I COULD really USE a Cigarette! I bet that Lindsey has one on him. Nice to finally meet you, by the way. I know that your boys have always wanted to see me, well, here I am, again. Got any keys for these cuffs?"

I shot a glance towards Linsdey and took a step towards him. What happens if he does and decides to let loose big bad Angel? Or what if this is all a joke?

I looked to B' who was almost crying. She looked pretty shaken and really upset. So it's not a joke...

"Sorry Finn, even though, by all rights, you should be dead after that fall, it's good that you are alive, shows a level of resiliency. Which you're going to need, because WOW, did I just give it to your ex! That cigarette would sure be nice about now! Come on in, folks, let's make this a party, especially you, Faith."

I clenched my fists and just stared at him. Apart of me wanted to lunge and stake him right here and now, but I know that Angel isn't like this. He's not a monster nor is he a person who loves to torcher his friends. This is just a freak who shouldn't be around.

Just as I was going to speak up, B' tried to run past us but I side stepped and stood in front of her, glaring. How could she do this? Why would she do this?

"Faith, I-"

"What, got off? Ya, I can see that." I breathed in and then out, unclenching my fists and put up my hands, in a friendly motion.

"I don't know why, hell I don't even want to know, just-" I was at a loss for words. I was angry but I understood. They loved eachother and not being able to get your freak on would've drove me to insanity, so I get it. Just- why?

I need you...

Packing for the end of the world. {{Posted in championsonward

As the door clicked behind me, I broke down. I just started to cry lightly as I grabbed a bag out of my closet and began to pack clothes into it. I just didn't want to think about him. I just didn't want him in my head anymore. Fuck. Get up and leave when we didn't even do what was planned? Fuck him.

"FUCK." I yelled as I grabbed a picture of us and threw it across the room. I sighed and zipped up the duffle bag quickly, almost breaking it in the process. I looked around and then walked towards the bathroom, grabbing the much needed things.

"Toothbrush? Check. Deodorant? Check. Toothpaste? Check." I mumbled to myself as I put them into a side pocket in the bag. I think I have everything I need.

"Makeup." I said as I walked out of the bathroom and grabbed my makeup bag off of my dresser. Another picture. My eyes narrowed as I picked it up and clenched it, slowly breaking the frame and the glass. Why was this upsetting me so much? Was it the fact that I felt used and almost hopeless in find love? Whatever.

I picked up my bag and headed for the door, opening it and then slamning it just as fast. I jogged down the stairs and stood in the foyer, waiting for Giles and Gunn to show up when they were ready.

"Cleveland?" I sighed and dropped my bag with a thud.

{{Open to Gunn, Giles and whoever else in the Hotel!}}
A lethal combination.

City folk comin' back to the city! {{Posted in c_h_o_s_e_n}}

I nodded to Giles and gave a quick glance to the vampire. If I came back and anyone was hurt, I'll have her flying in the wind. Promise that. I stepped out of the door and ran down the flight of stairs. I stopped and glanced around to see if anyone else was around but a no go. So I stepped outside and decided to head to the bus.

"It better be on there." I mumbled as I ran towards the fighting sight and found the bus perfectly in place like it was left.

"Sweet." I mumbled as I jogged up to the bus and stepped on, looking for the Scythe. A glimpse of light shimmered and I saw it. "There you are!" I quickly snatched it up and turned, grabbing the medical kit as I stepped off the bus.

"Just- need- to." I opened the medi-pack and used some medical tape to keep the scythe harnessed on my back. "Don't want this baby being stolen." I finished up quickly and started my way towards the hospital. But before I left the alley, I turned and couldn't believe my eyes. Everything was gone. No demons. No blood- not even multi-colored blood.

"What the hell i- Whatever." I turned away and started down the road towards the hospital.

"I hope you're there B' or we may have some trouble on our hands!" I stopped and took a few deep breaths. Running for twelve blocks just isn't my thing! I glanced around to make sure I had the all clear and I quickly started up again towards the hospital. She better be there or I'm going to be pissed.

"Giles, I'll kill you if you sent me on a damn-" I smashed right into something but I quickly regained my footing and went into a ready position.

"Watch where you're going!"

Holy shit, the damn city folk are comin' back into town. "Sorry." I mumbled as I walked passed him and flipped him off. Asshole. He should watch where he's going. I'm the one that just helped it save his and everyone else's asses. I should get a medal.

"Stupid fuc- Seems a Slayers job is never done!" I watched as a demon, in broad daylight, attempted to attack a citizen but- failed miserably. Wow. Never thought I'd see such a sad demon ever.

"HEY!" I watched as it cocked it's head and turned around looking at me. "Oh that's right big boy! Come to Mama!" I heard it make this horrible sound and charge at me.

"Keep on comin!" I yelled as I grabbed the scythe and brought it front and centre. "Hope you like nice shiny metal because you'll be seeing it real soon."
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I need you...

Feeling just a bit naughty! {{Posted in _we_happy_few_}}

"There's nothing wrong with jean. Leather was your thing. And lastly my whole wardrobe is leather now.", I stated raising my arms."I mean I do look damn good in it. Maybe even better than you did at my age."

I stopped abruptly and gave her this wicked evil look showing her that I wasn't happy with what she was saying.

"You think you look better than me?" I let go of her hand and take a few steps back. then aside.

"And I look damn hot in jeans! Nice and comfortable; plus- they let your skin breathe." I can't believe Slayer-junior-girl was giving me fashion advice. Wait- was she even giving me fashion advice? What-

"Whatever. Doesn't matter." I smile a bit and look around. No one was around, which was good.

"Just remember, I'm the one who had her- her heart broken." I stumble with my words a bit but it felt good to finally say it to someone who actually somewhat cared.

"But who cares right? Over and one with it. Move on." I step towards her and stop right in front of her. She thinks she's all alpha but she'll sooner or later be taught a lesson!

{{Open to Kennedy and Warning: NC-17 below possibly!}}
I need you...

The girl needs drugs! {Posted in C_h_o_s_e_n}

"I..I'll be back in a little bit."

I stood up and shook my head. "No kinky sex while we're in the same building Angel!" I yelled as we ran up the stairs to go find Cordelia. I bet to have a nasty shower!

I don't want to imagine that.

"Excuse me, do you by any chance have some asprine?"

"Huh?" I turned and this girl looked like she was hit by a train. She looked way out of it.

"I-I'm just a little lost as to where I'm at also, do you by any chance know what or where this place is?"

"We're at the Hyperion hotel?" I looked to everyone else and shrugged. What else am I supposed to say?

"Hey Connor! Care to get some drugs for this girl? Now!" I grabbed her hand and sat her down onto the chair I was originally sitting on.

"Just breathe and take it easy, a'ight?"

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I need you...

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"Why did he do it to me? Because I am wrong? Useless and pathetic? I'm nothing. He broke my heart because he didn't love me. He just wanted to use me. That pig!" I stood up and looked at L.A. It was a beautiful sight, but it made me cringe also. I just wanted it to go all away. I just want it to end.

"I'm a Watcher now of Kennedy but look what state I'm in. Can I even be there for her like Giles was for Buffy? No. I can't." I sighed as I neared the edge and jumped down, landing onto my feet with a thud.

"I just don't know if I can do it anymore. It's hard enough to deal and now this just happens. I don't want to go off the deep end again, not now. I've come so far. Why does life have to throw things in my face whenever something good happens?" I sighed as I started to walk away and stopped at the fence.

"Fuck it!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I kicked the fence and it snapped like a tree.

"They can fix it." I muttered as I walked through the small part that I ruined and started to head back to the city. The good ol' city that I just love with all my heart. Ya- right.

{{Open to anyone who wants to run into Faith}}
Everythings made to be broken

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I walked out of there pretty fast but I didn't care. I just need to clear my head and relax.

Why would he do that? Leave high and dry, without saying anything at all? I just don't get it. I just don't understand him or anyother man. I feel sick to my stomach and I just wanna kick some ass.

"Never again." Never will I get hurt or tossed around like that. I used to be the one doing that and you don't see me doing that anymore now do you? I grew up but I guess Mr. Wood just wasn't ready to grow up just yet.

I walked around for awhile, roaming around to hopefully run into some trouble. But it didn't happen. So vamps, demon's or even an idiotic homeless guy to punch around. What's with this? I actually want something and it doesn't happen now?

"I feel like my life is out of control." I mumble as I look up and what do I see? The mountain with the "Welcome to Hollywood" sign!

"That should be the perfect place." I say as I walk towards where the sign is, through the bushes and tree's. Once in awhile an animal would go streaking in front of me, probably hoping for it's life that I'm not some predator. It's the way life is, isn't it? Be eaten or run for your life. But it's different if you're a Slayer. You don't run, you have to stay and fight. Why? Because it's your destiny. Nothing more to it than you're meant to die in the end because you're a hero.

But than you get the asshole's who dump you because they're too immature for their own good and decide to leave you.

"Such prick!" I say as I punch a tree as I pass it. "I can't believe he did that. I swear, if I ever see him again-" I stop as I notice a security fence and a whole bunch of lights. I glance up and a huge 'O' is right in front of me, along with all of the other letters.

"Shouldn't be that hard!" I say as I run towards the fence and jump up then over the fence. "Cleared." I say dusting off my hands and looking to the 'H' and smiling. "Should be a challenge."

I step up to the 'H' and notice an actual ladder going all the way up. "That's no fun but, whatever." I grab a hold and place my right foot onto the first step of the small ladder.
A lethal combination.

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I attempted to walk through the entrance but it just wouldn't budge. The door was jamned and just wouldn't spin. I couldn't even force it to move.

"Fuck you!" I said as I kicked the clear door and it shattered.

"Oop- Wait, what do I care?" I stepped through the broken door and smashed the other one in front of me. "Spinning doors can kiss my ass!" It would be a tight squeeze between the wall and the door frame but I could do it.

"Ah, and done." I slipped right through that crack like I was butter. Smooth butter. I turned and took a look at my surroundings. I was sure not in a nice place to be. Wires were hanging all over the place and huge pieces of the building weren't exactly where they were supposed to be.

"So this is the infamous Wolfram and Hart that all the bad ass's talk about. I don't see anything special about it." I kicked a piece of rubble as I walked around, making sure I was alone. Then suddenly the whole building started to shake.

"What the hell?" I quickly turned in every direction and looked around.

"This is creepy." I mumbled as I took a few steps towards the elevator. "Lobby. Got it. So whatever is passed this must be important." I pressed the elevator button, just in case ya know, and hoped that it was working. And after about five minutes I gave up on the thought that it was working.

"We'll do this the hard way then." I pressed my fingers between the two metal doors and started to pry the doors open. I got them open enough to put my hands right around them fully and I forced them back.
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When I finally stood up and looked around, the little guy was laying on it's side and breathing eratic. "You poor thing." I said as I walked up to it and leaned down. "You're dying, aren't you?" Stupid little bastard.

I watch almost in slow-mo as it flips around and bites me one last time in my leg. "FUCK YOU!" I scream as I rip it off and throw it away. Right when it hits the wall, it falls down dead. Hopefully.

"Man, I'm going to have a hard enough time getting the stains out of these jeans from SunnyD but now I gotta get blood stains out?" I rolled my eyes as I limped towards a piece of the ceiling and sat down on it, looking at the wonderful bite marks I got.

"Stupid little-" I glanced at it, just to make sure it was still laying there. "Bite me." I glared and gave it the finger as I continued to look at my wounds.

I slowly rolled up my pants and the pain from just doing that was unbearable.

{{Open to anyone}}
Everythings made to be broken

For Chosen Community.

I watch as Janus flies off to face whatever the hell those things are. While he keeps them busy, I can make a run for that damn building! I hope it's where I wanna go cuz if not, I may end up real hurt.

"Be careful." I mumble as I take one last look his way but can hardly see him. All the flashing and weird noises was just wigging me out. It was like a fireworks show but without the, fancy show?

"Lame on Faith." I turned and ran towards the side of the building. But no ladder was in sight. What the hell?

"Where the hell is it?" I ran to another side and look down over the edge. I found the ladder, but it's exactly "perfect." It's missing about more than half of itself and it looks a bit unstable. I gotta risk it.

"Great." I say as I jump up onto the edge and grab onto the ladder and start to move down the steps. I almost slipped a few times, missing the damn steps or not holding on really. But I made it to the end of the ladder.

I sighed and let go, falling to the ground I hit nice and hard. It stung a little in the knee's but I was fine. I just shook it off and kept moving towards the building. I dodged through the alley ways, making sure I wasn't in sight of anyone or anything. Who the hell know's what's out here right now.

As I turn a corner, I see a trashed building with a sign that reads "art" laying on the ground.

"This must be my place." Evil law firm destroyed for some reason? Must be something evil. The best thing about Wes's note, was the fact that at the very bottom of it, it said Wolfram and Hart on it. If Wesley is anywhere, it'd be here. Wouldn't it? Nobody really mentioned him so I'd think he would be here. Or maybe he died? Man, I hope that didn't happen. He was a great guy even though I didn't like him that much before.

"Let's go check it out." I took a few steps and headed for the front entrance of W&R.

Hopefully Wes is here.
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A lethal combination.

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"Faith, I can only commend you on how well you've dealt with the past and tell you how sure I am you'll become an excellent Slayer."

"Ya know, this would've been a much better thing to come to SunnyD and get this then and not now. The welcome committee was kind of, not so welcome." I unlocked my arm and gave a little punch to his shoulder, showing him that I was joking around.

We walked into the hospital and they were taking everyone into different locations. Hopefully everyone makes but hell, we won a huge ass fight today. I vote go to the bar and have a few drinks, but 'B' won't be that thrilled to do that.

"Giles," I turn to him as I smile, "thanks for saying that. It meant a lot. More than you'll have ever know." I leaned in closer to him and made an evil face, "Now if you tell anyone that, I'll kill you." I laughed as I stepped away and saw his worried expression.

"Gotcha'!" I giggled as I turned around to have a Nurse looking me up and down

"I'm fine, really." I smirked and turned back around and faced Giles.

"So from here, we split up or what?"

[[Open to Giles]]
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