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Posted in Chosen - Faith

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Previous Entry Posted in Chosen Jan. 26th, 2005 @ 05:26 pm Next Entry
I attempted to walk through the entrance but it just wouldn't budge. The door was jamned and just wouldn't spin. I couldn't even force it to move.

"Fuck you!" I said as I kicked the clear door and it shattered.

"Oop- Wait, what do I care?" I stepped through the broken door and smashed the other one in front of me. "Spinning doors can kiss my ass!" It would be a tight squeeze between the wall and the door frame but I could do it.

"Ah, and done." I slipped right through that crack like I was butter. Smooth butter. I turned and took a look at my surroundings. I was sure not in a nice place to be. Wires were hanging all over the place and huge pieces of the building weren't exactly where they were supposed to be.

"So this is the infamous Wolfram and Hart that all the bad ass's talk about. I don't see anything special about it." I kicked a piece of rubble as I walked around, making sure I was alone. Then suddenly the whole building started to shake.

"What the hell?" I quickly turned in every direction and looked around.

"This is creepy." I mumbled as I took a few steps towards the elevator. "Lobby. Got it. So whatever is passed this must be important." I pressed the elevator button, just in case ya know, and hoped that it was working. And after about five minutes I gave up on the thought that it was working.

"We'll do this the hard way then." I pressed my fingers between the two metal doors and started to pry the doors open. I got them open enough to put my hands right around them fully and I forced them back.

"A metal rope? Damn elevators." I looked up and into the abyss of darkness and some small lights. "Must be the emergency lights." I grabbed onto the rope and just then, I felt this horrible sensation go through my body. I let go of the rope and started to slowly fall into the shaft.

My body was hurting like hell but I forced my arms to grab back onto the rope and I spun myself around onto the floor in front of the opened elevator doors. "What the fuck was that?" I touched my back and my jacket was- it was burnt. I took it off and looked at it.

"Something did this. But what?" I looked around and couldn't see anything out of the ordinary until this small little red thing came out from behind a piece of rubble. "Aw, aren't you cute!" I said sarcastically as I stood up and gave it a look. It was really small, maybe just came up to my knee and it.

It looked at me with it's small little eyes as it's head moved back and fourth, almost like it was checking me out. "Don't tell me it's got the hot's for me." I said lowly as I watched it move a bit closer and stop, doing the head motion and then moving even closer. Was this a distraction or just a joke?

"Junior Barney going to come and whip my ass now? Come off of it." Just as I said that, the thing breathed fire at me. Fucking fire!

"Holy shit!" I rolled out of the way and got back on my feet. I looked towards my jacket and then to this little fire-breathing thing. He was what did it eh?

"Alright, you wanna play nasty then let's play." I cracked my knuckles and got into a ready stance. "Bring it." The creature scurried closer and shot another wave of fire at me but I quickly dodged it and got behind him.

"How do you like this?" I kicked it with all my might and it went flying towards and into a wall. "Whoever built this place didn't think about that now did they?" I laughed a bit as I dusted myself off and then heard a weird noise. It was that damn creature but this time he was running full speed at me and looked pretty angry.

As he came closer, I gave another kick towards him but he jumped onto my leg and bit as hard as he could. "Ahhh...fuck!" I screamed as I shook my leg trying to get him off. "Get the hell off of me!" I stepped down hard and grabbed him quickly by the back of his neck, tossing him away. He just shook a bit and then growled lowly at me.

"It's like I'm dealing with an insane cat from hell!" I yelled and ran towards him and jumped over him, attempting to kick him but missing. "Oh shit." I watch the red little critter jump up towards me and I quickly smacked it away.

"How do you like that? Huh? Like that smack I just layed down on ya?" I laughed as I pictured one of the other inmates in the prison. Wonder how she's been doing.


"Huh?" The little guy was now on his feet and running at me again. "Don't you ever give up?" The thing jumps up and blows a huge fireball right at my face but I duck and jump at it, grabbing it as I slide along the floor. I punched it a few times and then threw it away when it attempted to bite me in the face.

When I finally stood up and looked around, the little guy was laying on it's side and breathing eratic. "You poor thing." I said as I walked up to it and leaned down. "You're dying, aren't you?" Stupid little bastard.

I watch almost in slow-mo as it flips around and bites me one last time in my leg. "FUCK YOU!" I scream as I rip it off and throw it away. Right when it hits the wall, it falls down dead. Hopefully.

"Man, I'm going to have a hard enough time getting the stains out of these jeans from SunnyD but now I gotta get blood stains out?" I rolled my eyes as I limped towards a piece of the ceiling and sat down on it, looking at the wonderful bite marks I got.

"Stupid little-" I glanced at it, just to make sure it was still laying there. "Bite me." I glared and gave it the finger as I continued to look at my wounds.

I slowly rolled up my pants and the pain from just doing that was unbearable.

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